Monday, 3rd October, 2016

We woke up to a beautiful, sunny day at Llangollen. This is the end of the canal so we headed back towards Chirk.


bridge & house


Satoshi holding boat

Satoshi is holding the boat until it's our turn to go back over the aqueduct.



From this angle, it is a little easier to appreciate the height and overall size of the aqueduct.






Satoshi can take photos and steer as well!



This kayaker followed us over the aqueduct. He was using the mirror inside our boat to take a photo of himself!


Chirk Aqueduct

Chirk Aqueduct is parallel to the railway viaduct. Sadly, a train did not cross over while we were there.



These ducks were very keen on the bits of crust Satoshi was offering them.


The narrow boat is very long and heavy. It is quite unwieldy at times. As someone we met said, "It's not for the faint-hearted!" Nonetheless, it's great fun and we are enjoying the challenges of passing other boats, stopping (no brakes), dealing with other boats (which can be quite erratic) and mooring. We had dinner at a pub in Chirk. As we came home, it was lovely to hear the bell ringers practising at St.Mary's Church. The sound of the change ringing followed us back to the boat.


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