Wednesday, 5th October, 2016

Today was our 5th day on the narrow boat and I am starting to feel more confident in my ability to steer it. We didn't go very far today, partly because it was past 10:00am before we got started and partly because I thought it wise not to be too far away from Chirk as we have to return the boat there by 9:30am on Saturday.


The Narrow Boat Pub in the morning light



We moved up to swans today. Did you know that, technically, all white swans belong to the Queen?

I have been having trouble with my left leg for the last few days. I thought it was varicose veins (they didn't like the plane trip much). Yesterday it was very red and inflamed (not to mention painful and VERY sore to the touch) and today it was worse so I decided to go to the doctor. When we arrived at Ellesmere, I made an appointment. Although we had to wait quite a while because we got there early and they were running late, I was seen by a triage nurse for free. She didn't think it was anything to do with the veins and that I had been bitten by something which has caused an infection and swelling. I also have a temperature. So now I have some antibiotics to take four times a day for a week and have to keep my leg up as much as possible.

On the way back to the canal boat, we had our first visit to a Tesco supermarket. This was large, clean, modern and impressive with range and service. Our card was accepted there without the need for a signature (so much better than "Spar"!) and it was a good experience all round. One of our purchases was a Terry's Orange "Pot of Joy" dessert. Will report!



Sadly, St.Mary's, Ellesmere, was not open. (It was past 5:00pm by then.)



This gargoyle is very busy protecting the church from evil but also has a practical purpose - it spits out water when it rains (avoiding the need for downpipes!)



Not many churches in Australia have graveyards but most do in England. I have never seen a tomb like this "above ground" one before. I wonder if the body was entombed inside?




These hydrangea blooms attracted my attention. Satoshi is demonstrating the size of them.


canal building

This old building is at the end of the Ellesmere arm of the canal. We moored our boat nearby for the night.

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