Tuesday, 18th October, 2016

Today was a week since I had spent all day at Blackpool Hospital and I had to do something about getting another ultrasound scan on my leg. So... off to Lincoln Walk in Centre (this time making sure I was there very soon after it opened at 8:00am). It was raining so I called a taxi - none available - so went off with my umbrella. It only took about 15 minutes to get there.

As had been the case at the previous locations, it was difficult to get the reception staff to understand what was needed. No, they don't have ultrasound there (I knew that). They didn't think I could get a scan at the hospital same day. (Even though I had a letter from previous doctor saying I need one that day). No, they couldn't contact the hospital. They did give me the number but I did not get much help from the hospital either.

OK, at least can someone have a look at my leg here? Yes.

A very nice gentleman had a chat and was quick to grasp what I needed. Fortunately he had a soft spot for Australians as he had hitch-hiked all around our country with his girlfriend when he was young! He phoned the hospital for me and organised an appointment in the "Medical Day Unit" for 11:30am. Great!

So went back home, got a taxi to the hospital, found the right place...

and waited.

Yes, a cup of tea would be welcome thanks...

and waited.

Finally at 2:00pm I had the scan. It took quite a while and a second opinion but they decided I do have a blood clot in a minor varicose vein in my left leg.

Back to waiting...

3:00pm a nurse explains what the new pills will do and a large number of possible side effects, some of which were very "interesting". They don't have a doctor in that department. Apparently, the procedure is to, literally, go chase one to write a prescription. Nurse returned saying she couldn't find one. Sister in charge of ward went off...

and came back with dreaded yellow "sharp safe" box with the joyful news that the doctor she found had changed the medication to daily injections for six weeks!

Oh... but what about the pills?
Doctor is being cautious - some wouldn't bother treating at all but he thinks this is best way.
Sister Hilary was lovely and said I could ring her if I needed any advice or support.

Given the prescription. Time running out to get to Evensong... Can I get this anywhere?
Oh no, only here at the hospital. Oh.

Find the pharmacy, another lot of waiting and questioning... then more waiting. They didn't have enough for six week course! Here's one month supply. But I'm not going to be here! Oh you can collect them any time after 21st October... but I'm NOT GOING TO BE HERE. Can I collect the prescription somewhere else? No, only here... you will have to go to another doctor. Your own GP will know what to do. By this time I'm thinking "Please understand before one of us dies..."
Then he made the "helpful" suggestion, "I could give you half dose injections but you would need to have two a day."
I felt like punching him!!
Oh well, you will have to go to another walk in centre.

OK, I'm beaten. I accept the month supply.

I have fifteen minutes to get to Cathedral. Will there be a taxi? Yes.

Made it only about a minute or two late.

Evensong was beautiful! Music included an introit Keep me as an Apple of the Eye by Cox, Stanford in G canticles (the Magnificat has a particularly fine solo for a treble), and the anthem was O Hearken Thou by Elgar all sung by the men and boys of the choir. It was just what I needed right then.

Having already had an injection at the hospital, I was given a reprieve this night.

Did not sleep very well.

Of course, no photos today.


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